Bifrost, 5.5 out of 10 based on 21 ratings

5 comments on “Bifrost

  1. Even tho i really like the fact that the map is experimental i would have like to to be more polished, idk if the mapmaker thought of this map to have this kind of unpolished texturing, but it is certaing that i would have loved the map more if he would have put more effort on it.

    (i still love the fact that Kespa is trying with new maps ♥)

  2. @ Uvantak, agreed, it’s like they ported this map from BW in under two hours. The texturing and doodad’ing is super lazy.

    Playability-wise I think it’s nice in some regards, and at least it’s not playing it safe. That said, I don’t think this map works as well in SC2 as it did in BW for a number of reasons (warp-in mechanic, forcefields, easy to siege 3rd to name a few).

  3. Underrated map! Other than bad texturing and a near-impossible fifth base for zerg, the map is lovely! Great for PvT and works most of the time in Z match ups. I personally don’t mind the bad aesthetics.

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