DF Atlas


DF Atlas, 6.6 out of 10 based on 42 ratings

6 comments on “DF Atlas

  1. Toss player here (NOT A MAPMAKER)
    Pretty good map imo.
    Not sure though about the fact that you need to kill rocks to sneak past the watch tower for a run by / counter attack.
    I also found a glitch regarding the plateau at the bot right, top right and top left natural. A unit is able to get up there, but its still able to be attacked bt melee units.
    Examples: http://imgur.com/a/2BQXS
    The units I was able to get up there were: probe, HT, DT, Sentry and Zealot. Haven’t tried it with the other races.

  2. I really like this map. I know the mod Starbow currently uses it, and it is the best map in the pool. I haven’t played a lot of regular Starcraft on it, but it looks like a good map. I feel that the third is a bit to easy to take, because if the player takes the one behind the rocks, it is very easy to defend because of the choke. Maybe if the rocked third was made a little harder to defend, this would be a better map.

  3. I love this map. I think it would be perfect if the low ground bases were rotated 30-45º CCW, exposing them slightly more to the high ground.

  4. Just played this map as a custom on EU server. The version uploaded there has a neutral nexus on the natural expansion of the 7 o’clock spawning position. Very weird. Hope you can fix it soon, cause the maps looks awesome (but very powerful blink stalker there…)

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